Hammer Test ZC3A

Concrete Rebound Hammer Portable Hardness Tester NDT Resiliometer Schmidt Hammer for Testing Concrete Strength within the Scope of 10-60Mpa (ZC3-A)
 Length of pointer: 20.0±0.2 (mm), Friction of pointer: 0.65±0.15 (N)
Sphere semi diameter at the end of the flip rod: 25±1.0 (mm),Hop location of the flip hammer: "0" at the graduated scale
Rigidity of flip tensioned spring: 785.0±40.0 (N/m), Work length of flip tensioned spring: 61.5.0± 0.3(mm)
Location of flip hammer's hook release: "100" at the scale mark, Strike length of flip hammer: 75±0.3(mm)
NDT Resiliometer Schmidt Hammer used for testing of concrete compressive strength within the scope of 10-60Mpa

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